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SANTO INACIO MICROFUSÃO develops highly complex parts, of different sizes, details, alloys and finishes, being able to manufacture parts up to 50 kg, according to the customer's needs.

Discover the benefits of Microfusion

  • Elimination of machining operations and other processes, reducing process costs;

  • The parts can be produced practically finished, requiring little or no machining;

  • Parts production cycle is faster due to reduced operations;

  • Cost reduction. Possibility to take ready gears Low tooling cost (dies);

  • Freedom of heat treatment (tempering, annealing) and surface treatment (chrome plating, zinc plating);

  • Wide variety of metals (Ex .: stainless steel, carbon alloys, tool steels, nickel and cobalt alloys);

  • Design flexibility (internal cavities and engravings);

Process Improvements

  • The more complex the shape of the piece, the more economical it will be to develop through this process;

  • Achieving greater dimensional accuracy and smoother, well-finished surfaces; Excellent surface appearance, roughness and finish;

  • Possibility of series production / reproduction of complex parts that are difficult or impossible to obtain in conventional casting processes or by machining.

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